Mindy Minnis

Mindy Minnis grew up in San Antonio Texas and loves all things Texan and being from the state where all things are big. LO_RES_mindy She moved to California at 21, met her husband at 28 and lived there until she and her family were transferred to Everett WA with her job in 1999.  She is now back in Northern California for the last 8 years and doing what she loves being a “Loan Officer”.  Mindy has been in Real Estate Lending for 28 years and finds that this position is the most fulfilling position due to how she helps her clients obtain the dream of being a home owner.  She specializes in working with First Time Homebuyers, Veterans, and FHA buyers to help them become knowledgeable and comfortable with their purchase.  In addition to being a Direct Lender she is able to close loans in less than 30 days and ensure a client for life.   Mindy believes communication is the foundation of her business that is with everything she does because she is very passionate about each person that she encounters in business and in her personal life.  She prides herself on being available 7 days a week and doing what she says she can do.   She has been happily married to her husband Marshall for 20 years and has two teenage kids, Marissa and Marshall Jr.  She is very active in her community of Roseville with supporting her kid’s schools and being at all of their musical and sporting events.